The Kaltura Community 2013 Survey

Dear Kaltura community member,

At Kaltura we believe that video and media applications are set to change the world. Using video we improve the ways we communicate, teach and learn, engage and connect with each other, do business and even provide care. As a free and open source platform, Kaltura allows anyone, anywhere, to build these great video experiences that can improve our every day lives.
As a member of the community you have an important role, help shape the future and share the excitement. Help us keep Kaltura open and amazing and continuously improving by sharing your feedback in this survey.
Your feedback will allow us to learn from your experiences and improve the Kaltura software, services, and community infrastructure.  
This survey should only take about 6 minutes of your time and by filling out the survey you will have a chance to win one of 3 free Kaltura.com commercial Saas accounts with 1TB of monthly bandwidth & storage, for 2 years!
The 3 winners will be announced on March 29th in the Kaltura Newsletter.
We respect your privacy and confidentiality, the results of this survey will only be reported in aggregate without any personal information or identifiers.
Any questions marked with an asterisk (*) require an answer in order to complete the survey.
Thank you for taking an active part in the Kaltura community!
We look forward to seeing you on the Kaltura.org forums and Kaltura events.
If you have any questions about the survey, please contact us at community@kaltura.org.

There are 43 questions in this survey.