Kaltura VPaaS Feedback Survey
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VPaaS Survey
Please help us improve our products by answering the following questions.
*How did you hear about Kaltura VPaaS?
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*Please describe the service or application you’re building with Kaltura VPaaS

HelpServices such as: Messaging, Social, Telemedicine, Enterprise Collaboration, Education, Customer Engagement, Other.
*Please describe what business and technical requirements do you have or challenges you faced when first learning about Kaltura VPaaS.

HelpDescribe what challenges did Kaltura VPaaS helped you solve.
*Which of the Kaltura VPaaS tools have you been using the most?
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*What features would you like to see in future Kaltura VPaas releases?

HelpAny service, SDK, API, tools or platform capabilities that you'd like us to add? Please share it below.

We regularly produce exciting case study videos to share how video is changing the world! Our Case Study videos recieve wide distribution, and are a great marketing opportunity to promote your Kaltura VPaaS based application/service.

Would you be willing to participate in a Case Study to feature your company and what you built with Kaltura VPaaS?

Please rate our Documentation and Developer Resources
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Developer Guides (vpaas.kaltura.com)
API Docs (developer.kaltura.com)
Kaltura University (university.kaltura.com)
Knowledge Center (knowledge.kaltura.com)
The Kaltura Blog (blog.kaltura.com)
The Videos Hub (videos.kaltura.com)
Kaltura Live Webinars
The Kaltura Open Source Repositories (github.com/kaltura)
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*How likely are you to recommend Kaltura VPaaS to a friend or colleague looking to build video applications or services?

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Would you recommend VPaaS?
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What additional feedback do you have from your Experience with Kaltura VPaaS?